A Team You Can Trust

We work hard to earn your trust so you can feel good about delegating those tedious technical tasks to a team of pros who wants you to succeed in a big way.

Our Story

Just like your favorite superhero, we have an origin story too.

Frustrated businesswoman

In 2012, we noticed a pattern: Past web clients were constantly coming back to us, needing help with best practices like site updates, security, and other support requests.

We figured out how to provide these important services at a price pro bloggers and small businesses could afford, and WP Site Care was born.

With staff in Portland, Seattle, Austin, Salt Lake City, and even Kentucky, we’re a distributed team of true WordPress professionals (we’ll skip the buzzwords) that really love helping our client’s succeed in their online endeavors.

We have one simple goal: Make the online lives of business owners and bloggers easier.

Happy customer

Support from Real People

Hello My Name Is

Andrea Whitmer

I'm a front-end developer, blogger, and all-around nerd who loves troubleshooting website problems and helping people make the most of WordPress. When I'm not glued to my desk, I love reading, yelling at college basketball, and spending time with my husband, son, and our herd of dogs. I look forward to getting to know you!

Hello My Name Is

Clay Teller

My job is to make you (and your WordPress site) look good! I love consulting with small businesses and designing beautiful, user-friendly websites. To keep my body in top computer operating shape, I play sports and hike/bike all around beautiful Portland, Oregon. Some day, I'm gonna trade in my computer keyboard for a Rhodes and join a rock and roll band. Until then, I look forward to working with you.

Hello My Name Is

Matt Zak

If I'm not in front of the computer, I'm probably on the golf course, snowboarding, or just exploring my home state of Utah. I love working with WordPress, spending time outside, and all the Detroit sports teams (yes, even the Lions).

Hello My Name Is

Krista McPhee

As the only Canadian on the team, I bring an array of skills (and a touch of hockey fever!) to your Site Care experience. I love to create, whether I’m behind a camera, staring at a code editor, or whipping up a delicious meal. With the help of my canine sidekick, Rocco, I’ll be happy to work with you to make your site the best it can be.

Hello My Name Is

Heather Damron

I live in the Seattle metro area, and as you would assume, I drink an ungodly amount of coffee. I need it to keep up with my two children. I'm married to an IT/financial specialist so I speak fluent geek, in addition to a working understanding of toddler.

I also adore cooking, traveling and reading. Oh, and Bravo. I love the beach and sunshine, which would raise the question: 'Why Washington?' Rest assured, it's a question asked daily - especially in the winter.

Hello My Name Is

Rob Neu

I'm the guy behind the scenes making sure your website's theme and plugins are up to par and working correctly. I've built more WordPress themes than I can remember and I was lucky enough to be the coder behind the mega popular Foodie Genesis child theme.

I also have a strong background in technical SEO and optimizing design and content for conversions. In other words, I've spent far too much time in front of a computer and I know how to do a bunch of Internet stuff.

Hello My Name Is

Ryan Sullivan

I'm a big fan of WordPress and I started WP Site Care. When I'm not behind a computer you can find me playing superheroes with my three boys, or trying to spend quality time with my amazing better half, Jackie. Utah is home, and I love to spend time in the mountains whenever I get a chance. I also love bacon, headbands, and the Utah Jazz. Probably in that order.

Hello My Name Is

Jaclyn Sullivan

Hey I'm Jackie, the VP of Home Operations. My job is to take care of everything at home so Ryan can keep your site up and running. If I'm not running carpool for one of our 3 boys you can find me catching up on a good book or tossing weights at our local Cross Fit gym

Hello My Name Is

Megan Gray

I live on the edge of a wild canyon in Orange County, California. I’m passionate about what I do. Or, perched somewhere on the intersection of passionate and obsessive. (Is there really a difference?)

I find that what keeps me coming back for more, project after project, is people. People who show up early and leave late to make their vision a success. People who believe in and love what they do, no matter what that is. People with purpose.

Hello My Name Is

Ben Coughran

I have a fantastic 8 year old daughter and I'm newlywed to my beautiful best friend (They have me wrapped around their fingers). I'm an avid camper and sports enthusiast (Go Dodgers!), but I still love those moments I can be alone and create. I love to make art and painted a picture of Snoop Dogg that made it to the front page of Reddit once.

Hello My Name Is

Ozzy Rodriguez

I've been working with WordPress since 2005, learn new things everyday and I still think it's pretty rad. I'm an avid baseball and football fan of the Boston Red Sox and New England Patriots.

When I'm not working or rooting for my favorite teams, you can find me watching rom coms and reading books about unicorns.

Hello My Name Is

Amy Farrell

I was born in Ohio but have been calling Montana my home for the past 20 years. When I'm not in the office answering you WP site care questions I'm either spending my time with my 2 daughters and husband enjoying the beautiful outdoors or I'm snuggled up with a great book.

Hello My Name Is

Jose Castaneda

I was born in El Salvador and raised in California. I love to make those around me laugh and happy and if I can do that I am happy. I have been contributing to the WordPress forums since 2011 and reviewing themes for nearly the same amount of time.

I love playing the Flamenco guitar in my spare time.

The Dream Team

Except we don't have any Olympic medals. 😞

WP Site Care team illustration

Our team has a unique blend of skills and work experience that makes us extremely powerful without the challenges of an evil corporate empire. With experience running secure servers at scale in the healthcare world, to designing for brands like Match.com and Norwegian Cruiselines, to leadership background at a company like Starbucks, our team brings a surprising punch that most of our competitors understimate… and we love that 🙂

As we’ve assembled our team, we’ve always looked for people who excel at very specific things. One thing we expect from everyone on our team is kindness, and great communication, and we go out of our way to make sure our customers experience amazing customer service. We love working together as a team and it shows in the way we manage websites and produce excellence. Chemistry isn’t just about getting along, it’s a critical part of doing great work.

WP Site Care team illustration

We Love Our Customers

And they love us too…

Lovin’ the care the @wpsitecare guys are giving one of my clients. Love when a recommendation rocks! Thanks guys!

Dang. The AMAZING customer Service I get at @wpsitecare is unparalleled. I can’t say enough about them. #happycamper

Blog was hacked; I emailed @wpsitecare & they solved my broken blog world. On a Sunday. Seriously #bestwebsitesupportever

Have I mentioned lately that I freakin’ LOVE @wpsitecare?! ALWAYS there to help (fast) with any blogging issues/questions/needs! THANK YOU!

Put us to work on your WordPress site.

…Easy to Work With…

WP Site Care went above and beyond any expectations I had. They're incredibly easy to work with, respond in a timely manner, and really take care of their customers!
Courtney Horan SweetToothSweetLife.com

…Huge Peace of Mind…

I can get so overwhelmed and confused…having an expert on my "staff" to help me figure things out no matter what happens is a huge peace of mind.
Carla Birnberg MizFitOnline.com

…I can turn to them…

I got a fair rate, the work was done in hours and I know that I can turn to WP Site Care for any future WordPress support issues and I'll be well served.
Katy Widrick
Katy Widrick KatyWidrick.com

…Fast, Dependable, Friendly…

WP Site Care is fast, dependable and friendly and the price is awesome! They really care about their clients and work hard to quickly resolve issues.
Joyce Cherrier FreakingFitness.com