Soothe Your WordPress Rage With Our Admin Content Labels Plugin

If you've ever managed a WordPress website before, you know how ragey sifting through tons of content in the admin panel can make you. There are lots of useful tools like filters and search, but there's one thing that's always been a little annoying for me. In my experience, post titles don't always … [Read more...]


5 Minutes of Reflection: A Look Back at 2014

Without reflection, we go blindly on our way, creating more unintended consequences, and failing to achieve anything useful. - Margaret J. Wheatley Honest note: I wasn't going to write this post. It seemed trivial and not all that important in the grand scheme of things, but the more I thought … [Read more...]

Old mailbox hanging on a wooden panel wall

Navigating Gmail SMTP Settings and New Security Measures

Getting WordPress to deliver email correctly with all of the different hosting environments out there can be a real trick, not entirely dependable, or even impossible depending on a number of factors. Because of that, a lot of WordPress users and developers choose to use a method other than php mail … [Read more...]

My First Project

I Remember #MyFirstProject on the Web. Do you?

I don't know why exactly, but last night as I was looking at the stack of work I needed to complete before heading out of town for a family commitment, I felt overwhelmed for a minute, and then I started waxing nostalgic. I started remembering some of my early web projects and how much I enjoyed … [Read more...]

Say No to Customers

Why It’s Important to Say No to Your Support Customers

How do you politely say “teaching you CSS and PHP is outside the scope of theme support” without sounding rude/unhelpful? — carrie dils (@cdils) August 4, 2014 I saw this tweet from Carrie some time last week, and the myriad of replies that followed. Everything from LMGTFY to simply explaining … [Read more...]

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Rob Neu and Audit WP Join WP Site Care

When you work with someone for long enough, on a lot of the same types of projects, eventually you reach a point where you casually start asking each other "why aren't we always building things together?" Those are the conversations I started having with Rob Neu a few months ago. Today I'm happy … [Read more...]

Flagship Logo

Introducing Flagship: Purpose-Built WordPress Themes

tl;dr: We're opening a WordPress theme shop the beginning of September. You can sign up to get on the pre-launch list for news and discounts here. As a service provider, it's always been a goal of ours to build WordPress products. From a business perspective it makes a lot of sense, and we've … [Read more...]

Genesis SEO Needs to Go Away

5 Reasons Why Genesis SEO Needs to Go Away

We love Genesis. We use it all the time and we encourage people to use it almost daily. Generally speaking, the Genesis framework is the most SEO-friendly WordPress theme framework on the market. It's got baked-in data, semantic HTML5 markup, and a ton of great features that make doing … [Read more...]

Disable WordPress SEO Admin Columns

How to Disable WordPress SEO Admin Columns

The code presented in this tutorial is now available in a simple, easy-to-install plugin. We recommend downloading and installing it rather than pasting this code into your theme. Download Disable Yoast Admin Columns Now! I love WordPress SEO by Yoast. It's one of the plugins that I install on … [Read more...]

SSL Security Warning

New SSL Warning from Google Webmaster Tools

We're seeing a number of emails coming in from Google Webmaster Tools users explaining that there's an issue with their SSL certificate. The subject line reads like this: [Webmaster Tools] Site host name,, does not match your SSL certificate Subject Name It looks … [Read more...]