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Introducing Flagship: Purpose-Built WordPress Themes

tl;dr: We’re opening a WordPress theme shop the beginning of September. You can sign up to get on the pre-launch list for news and discounts here.

As a service provider, it’s always been a goal of ours to build WordPress products. From a business perspective it makes a lot of sense, and we’ve wanted to create something tangible that we can see other people take and make their own. The problem for us has been that we haven’t been sure what to build.

After answering over 10,000 support tickets, we’ve found where we want to make our mark.

Introducing Flagship.

We’ll be creating purpose-built WordPress themes that look great, are easy to use, and are built with users in mind. Oh, and the support will be second to none.

Support Has Shown Us the Way

The more and more projects we complete for clients, the more we begin to see trends in what they want from a WordPress theme.

  • Designed with you or your business in mind
  • A few simple configuration options
  • Easy installation and setup
  • Google Friendly
  • Looks great on smartphones and tablets
  • Great support (Clearly a need. If support weren’t lacking, why else would we be helping these customers?)

Admittedly those things aren’t incredibly easy to deliver, but we’d like to give it a shot, and we have some exciting ideas for how to get customers what they truly want.

The Flagship Team

Rob Neu will be our CTO and Full 50% Partner at Flagship. He brings some serious development chops and SEO skills to the table that are going to be invaluable. He’s got some technical goodies in store that developers are going to squee over. (He’ll probably want to hurt me for saying “goodies” and “squee”.)

As the CEO I’ll be the point man for getting themes to fly off their virtual shelves, and ensure that we’re delivering top notch support. I need to make sure we’re building the themes you want, so if at any point we release a product you don’t love, or you feel like you had a less-than-stellar customer experience, feel free to contact me direct. I want to make sure we deliver in a big way.

The rest of our team will consist of our support lead, Matt, our Creative Director, Clay, and our Customer Care Specialists Heather and Nickie.

Still Committed to WP Site Care

This will not change our direction or commitment to WP Site Care in any way. Flagship is fun and shiny and new, but WP Site Care is the lifeblood of our company, and the way we keep our bills paid. We’re adding a new stud to the stable, not replacing the workhorse that got us here.

To get on the early pre-launch list for Flagship, visit the website and enter your name and email. All future announcements will come through that newsletter, so make sure you sign up. We’ll have some early subscriber discounts there too.

P.S. If you’ve stuck with this announcement until now, enjoy a sneak peak of what we have coming in September!

Flagship Homepage
Fashion Theme Homepage
Fashion Theme Homepage designed by Shay Bocks, creator of the super popular Foodie Theme.

P.P.S. You can still get on the Flagship Mailing List here.

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