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  1. Jen

    I’m going to move there. Sound like great. Can u please give me some idea to move on?

  2. Aman Potlia

    Worst Hosting. Never Use It. I Tried Their Asin Server In 2019 And Compare It With My Godaddy Hosting. Same Theme, Same Content And Everything Same. On Godaddy My Site Loading In Just 4.3s ( According To GTMatrix) But On A2Hosting Its Loading 7.5s. Now Choice Is Yours.

  3. Jared

    I’ve been with A2 for almost a year now, and I read this article because I was interested in your comments about the hosting speed. I felt I was getting a lot more speed than my previous host, but it’s nice to see the formal data, especially the comparison between running a site with and without caching optimization.

    I have no complaints with A2’s speed or their service, and I’m glad I made the switch. I just wish I had done it earlier. If I were asked to find a con I would say that when I have my WordPress websites totally optimized the backend can take forever to load (sometimes more than 10 seconds to change from one admin page to another), but the front end is very fast (which is where it counts) – I have no idea why this is so, or if it’s a common problem. When I disable optimization the backend will load quickly, usually in less than 2 seconds, while the front end is still snappy – weird. Also, new posts sometimes refuse to show up until I clear the caches.

    Other than those minor issues, everything works just as I want it to. I’m running three websites and they all are performing very well. I’ve only had a couple of customer service encounters, but they were both very good experiences, but as the article points out “specific issue encountered, mood of customer service agent, and the position of the moon” may affect someone else’s experience.

  4. Jan

    I’ve been with A2 for 3 years and would like to leave my opinion even though this article is a bit old.
    A2 had very good plans and also provided good speed, however, since 2016, the speed significantly reduced even though the contents had not changed much. My site is now loading like old man pushing a shopping cart. Very slow.
    So if you are thinking of A2, please make sure you test drive before sign up.

  5. Alex Vasquez

    Love the review, well done. I’ve been eye-balling them for a while now. In addition to the managed hosting account I have I do need a flexible hosting solution and their VPS offering seems to be the right fit.

    This certainly helps. Thanks!

  6. Ernie

    I am looking at A2 as well as the new Hostgator Cloud WordPress (which is supposed to be years ahead of their regular hosting).

    One thing though is there anyway to see real world load times, by which I mean the load time of a site that has a full theme, full content, a fair few plugins etc.

    I’m not saying A2 won’t be just as fast or impressive, but would like to see the results from a complete working site.


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