A Team You Can Trust

Delegate those tedious technical tasks to a team of pros who wants you to succeed.


Ozzy Rodriguez

Lead Developer

Ozzy has an extreme love for Boston sports. When he's not watching the Patriots win Super Bowls, he's building websites and plugins for our customers.


Heather Damron

Executive Assistant

Heather is a connoisseur of fine television. Mainly Bravo. She's the primary get-stuff-done-er at Site Care, and the glue that holds our team together.


Amy Farrell

Business Development

Amy is a mover and a shaker. She lives in Montana and wrestles bears for fun. When you're ready to partner with us, Amy is your business connection.


Jackie Sullivan

Founder & Partner

Jackie is Ryan's better half. Or more accurately Ryan is Jackie's worse half. Jackie keeps the ship straight and helps make the big decisions at WP Site Care.


Matt Zak

Customer Technical Lead

Matt gets to work when your technical baggage gets extra heavy. This troubleshooting pro can debug in his sleep, and hit a golf ball a mile.


Ryan Sullivan

Founder & Principal

Ryan isn't like most executives. Cargo shorts instead of business suits. Diner instead of fine dining. Diet Pepsi instead of champagne. He's a classy bossman.


Eric Phillips

Customer Support Specialist

Eric hails from New England and is ready to tackle your technical troubles. He can also discuss the finer points of professional wrestling and punk rock music.


Krista McPhee

Customer Success Lead

Krista is your new favorite Canadian. Photographer, designer, coder, and cocktail innovator. Her wide range of skills help create amazing customer experiences.


Ben Coughran

Community Manager

Ben has made you laugh on social media, is a huge Dodgers fan, and is rumored to be the man who discovered "Monkey Style" at In N' Out.

30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

We know you’re gonna love our personalized support, but let us prove it. If our service hasn’t exceeded your expectations after 30 days, you’ll get a full refund. Simple as that.

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Our Skillset

We're a diverse and robust team that packs a punch

Quietly delivering quality 👊

Our team has a unique blend of skills and work experience that makes us extremely powerful without the challenges of an evil corporate empire. With experience running secure servers at scale in the healthcare world, to designing for brands like Match.com and Norwegian Cruiselines, to leadership background at a company like Starbucks, our team brings a surprising punch that most of our competitors underestimate… and we love that.

Service with a smile is our way of life 😀

As we’ve assembled our team, we’ve always looked for people who excel at very specific things. One thing we expect from everyone on our team is kindness, and great communication, and we go out of our way to make sure our customers experience amazing customer service. We love working together as a team and it shows in the way we manage websites and produce excellence. Chemistry isn’t just about getting along, it’s a critical part of doing great work.

Our Origin Story

We have one, naturally. (Since we’re your personal superheroes).

We saw a need and built the answer

In 2012, we noticed a pattern: Past web clients were constantly coming back to us, needing help with best practices like site updates, security, and other support requests.

We figured out how to provide these important services at a price pro bloggers and small businesses could afford, and WP Site Care was born.

Our remote team has a single focus

With staff in Montana, Seattle, San Jose, Salt Lake City, and even Canada, we’re a distributed team of true WordPress professionals (we’ll skip the buzzwords) that really love helping our clients succeed in their online endeavors.

We have one simple goal: Be a champion for small businesses and professional bloggers.

Work with the best WordPress support team around.

We Love Our Customers

And they love us, too ❤️

Bob Dunn

When people need WordPress support and maintenance, I send them to someone I know and trust. The team at @wpsitecare is my #1 choice.

Jacqueline Carly

Dang. The AMAZING customer Service I get at @wpsitecare is unparalleled. I can’t say enough about them. #happycamper

Allie Lewis

I freakin LOVE @wpsitecare! Ryan was amazing and worked nonstop on fixing issues with my blog. He's the king of fixing #WordpressIssues

Crystal Street

Lovin' the care the @wpsitecare guys are giving one of my clients. Love when a recommendation rocks! Thanks guys!

I recommend WP Site Care to all my friends and clients. Not only do they provide a great service, but most importantly I trust them and know they will always be there.

Jared Atchison — JaredAtchison.com

WP Site Care went above and beyond any expectations I had. They're incredibly easy to work with, respond in a timely manner, and really take care of their customers!

Courtney Horan — SweetToothSweetLife.com

I didn't have time or skills to keep up with maintenance and security. The WP Site Care team stepped in and has taken excellent care of my needs since. They know what they're doing and my time with them has been virtually perfect.

Jim Tanous — TekRevue.com

I can get so overwhelmed and confused…having an expert on my "staff" to help me figure things out no matter what happens is a huge peace of mind.

Carla Birnberg — CarlaBirnberg.com

We appreciate working with a team that understands our requests and is able to provide exactly what was agreed on.

Casey Krasner — XYPRO