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Soothe Your WordPress Rage With Our Admin Content Labels Plugin

If you’ve ever managed a WordPress website before, you know how ragey sifting through tons of content in the admin panel can make you. There are lots of useful tools like filters and search, but there’s one thing that’s always been a little annoying for me. In my experience, post titles don’t always make a lot of sense when working within the admin dashboard. It’s usually only a minor annoyance, but when you work with WordPress every day, even small things can become a pretty big pain in the neck over time.

Uh, Okay? What’s the Big Deal?

Let me give you an example. Let’s say you’ve got a great post about Bluehost reviews. It doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to title your post “Bluehost review” because that would look spammy and uninteresting to your readers, so you name it something a bit more juicy. Now, the title you picked out might be great for reader engagement and your improving your blog’s SEO, but it’s probably not going to jump right out at you when you’re combing through 100’s of posts in the WordPress admin panel.

Plus, this isn’t just an issue with blog posts. Think about your “About Us” page or your “Contact” page. You’re not going to title them “About Us” and “Contact”, are you? That’s gonna make your website feel pretty stuffy and uninteresting to your visitors. No bueno. On the flip side, try remembering what the heck “We’re Here to Help” or “Support from Real People” means when you’re looking at a huge list of pages without any context. Are you feeling the rage yet? πŸ˜€


Cute Angry BearWoah. That’s a little too much rage. Maybe calm down a bit. Anyway, what if you could have a nice, dry, obvious title for your content within the admin panel and still keep your actual title descriptive and engaging? With Admin Content Labels, now you can! All you need to do is install the plugin from your WordPress dashboard by visiting the “Add New” plugin screen and searching for “Admin Content Labels”.


Just install it, activate it,Β  and start labeling your content for an easier, more coherent WordPress administration experience. πŸ™‚


If you find the plugin useful, please give it a 5 star rating on the WordPress plugin repository and tell your friends about it! If you have any questions or find any bugs, please let us know by opening an issue on Github or by using the official plugin support forum. We’ll do our best to get any issues sorted out as quickly as possible.

So, What do You Think?

Will this make your life as a content editor easier? Can you feel the calming waves of content editing tranquility washing over you already? Do you have any ideas for other plugins to improve the WordPress admin panel? Let us know in the comments bellow and don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter for new posts every week!

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  1. Bebinne Mor

    That is ONE ANGRY stuffed toy … cute gif – don’t know if I know what you’re talking about … but I’ll give it a try. πŸ™‚

  2. Dustin Nay

    This looks fantastic! We’ve separated our H1 and titles within our theme for quite some time (for SEO reasons), but now we can actually name them something useful in the dashboard. πŸ™‚ Super excited to try this out.

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