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  1. A. Canton

    Doesn’t G Suite have bots that read both your incoming and outgoing mail to create and add to a profile on you and those you send mail to and receive mail from you? These profiles are sold to advertisers? That’s what I hear. Face it, Google does not have a great reputation for privacy seeing as their whole business model is based on non-privacy!

  2. Maria

    Helpful! I am starting a small business and facing the same things you talk about. I am almost convinced to move forward using G suite

  3. Order assignment


    It is very important for growing business to keep up with the latest trend. G suite is one such tool which helps in maintaining the gap and also increase the productivity. Thanks for sharing the information with us!


    1. Ryan Sullivan

      Hi Jill! Using G Suite and the guidelines from the article you already linked to, we have very few email deliverability issues. Our mail almost always gets delivered without any issue at all. I’d say a 99.999% success rate. Maybe even higher ?

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