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  1. appaspect

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  2. Linda

    Hi Ryan,

    I’m working on redesigning my blog I don’t use WordPress. The blog is coded with CSS3 HTML5 and uses PHP includes. I’m currently using Disqus for a commenting system. I want to move away from this system to increase Mobile-Friendliness and page speed. The new design preview is at

    My Question?

    Do you know of another commenting system that I can use?

    I want to eliminate the HTTP requests to other or outside websites. These requests decrease the page speed or load time. I’m not sure if a self-hosted commenting system of some type is available. Any suggestions will be helpful and appreciated. Linda

  3. Connor Rickett

    I actually found this to be a surprisingly painless process, at least for now. As long as you keep your site relatively simple, passing the Mobile friendly test is a breeze. There are lots of small kinks to work out, and I do worry that they’ll stricter over time. For example, I still need to roll through my Robots.txt file and fix that.

    For now, though, just make sure you aren’t loading a million things, and nothing is horribly broken, and you’ll pass the test with flying colors. Disqus and Livefyre are going to be feeling the pain, however!

  4. Glen

    Hi Ryan

    I’m surprised that nobody has commented here yet!

    I’ve probabaly read 20 of these “mobilegeddon” articles this week and I even wrote one myself about 6 weeks ago but I like the way you have written this one. There’s no fluff. It’s straight to the point and easy to read.

    I particularly like the Simpsons reference (totally remember that episode).

    Interesting thoughts about Disqus. I stopped using it as it caused more harm than good any my users were asking me to remove it. I use stock WordPress comments now and it’s much better.


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