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  1. Derek

    lol I love Matt already.

    I am a blogger by night but work full time at an IT company and I’ve been the Team Lead for a few years that runs the day to day operations. Stress comes with the job but I am the boss who always has a smile on his face even though we could be getting hammer with word. I was a class clown in school and bring that to work but still do my duties as the boss.

    Most people take breaks with me because I am the guy who has the dirties jokes that should not be said inside the building. Gotta keep people from getting frustrated at work and making them laugh is what the doctor ordered.

    I am a work-o-holic who does work emails from his phone after hours but love what I do and sounds like Matt loves what he does in any job that he holds. Matt going be a hard worker for sure. I can tell he will be one of those guys that continually goes that extra mile to help a customer.

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