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  1. Ryan Chapman

    Photoshop is the best tool ever used to re-size images.Smushit is also good plugin for image resizing. Thanks for your sharing.

  2. Lisa

    Photoshop is my best tool ever used to re-size images. In the latest version of Photoshop Content-Aware with Crop Tool, An amazing solution to re-size images without losing pixels or quality. This is an automated process even though we need a bit retouching after it. There are many tutorials available for exporting this.

  3. Pinky Sen


    I want to share my experience using a wonderful image compressing and optimizing tool. a png/jpg/gif image compressor which allows you to compress 50 files at one go without any restrictions.An image usually comprises of the 80 % of the total KB.Here you can shrink your image by 70-80%.Also I found that you can avoid the use of plug ins and hence can make your website faster than any other.

    You can also reduce your ppt size in the same way without affecting the quality of the image.Colors can be replaces or changed using the existing colors of the image.Surprisingly i found that it makes no changes in the look of the image.

    In case you want to resize your image and shrink its percentage by your choice you can also do that by using the link can reduce it by 10%,20%….and so on as per your choice.

    Hope this information serves your purpose and you enjoy a faster way of compression and optimiziing tool.

  4. Morgan43

    I have tried this also nice article. I’m also using PhotoViewerPro it’s very handy for photo editing

  5. Shapla Akter

    This is a really good and more necessary idea that you have described properly about how-to-resize-an-image. I have more benefited from this post. thanks a lot for this best article.

  6. charan

    I have made a similar video on how to compress bulk images with out loosing quality.

  7. Emmerey Rose

    Exactly what I needed Krista! Thanks a lot for sharing. But what if we don’t have Photoshop? are there any online tools we can use?

  8. R. LeMay

    Thanks for writing a fantasticly easy to follow article on how to resample a photo.
    I so needed this (anyone can do this) type of how to article for my sanity.
    Yes! Thank you for creating it!

  9. AshBox

    Thanks for sharing brilliant article. As you can see most of people want image resizer tool which fulfill their desire toward perfect and high quality images to save memories. You have represented the whole concept very precisely. Great work.

  10. Nelson Thapa Magar

    Thanks for a good lesson about how to make the good quality of an image.

  11. Jessica Mendez

    I’m not sure I follow the info regarding image size for retina display. When I save my photo at twice my blog’s max pixel width, it doesn’t fit into allotted space. How does your photo not get cut off when you post? Is there a trick to it that I missed? I am using Blogspot/Blogger, not sure if that makes a difference. Thanks in advance!

  12. Jessica Martin

    Thank you for sharing such a brilliant article about resize the image, But as of i know when we insert the image on website (or) webpage, we shouldn’t resize the images by using html code. This will not be good to make it as a SEO friendly Website.

  13. Jamaluddin Rahmat

    For resize I usually use Paint. Yeah, that’s true.

    For optimization I prefer use third-party services like Kraken Web Interface. But if I’m lazy just upload and use EWWW WordPress plugin for handle it.

  14. Tim

    The whole retina thing is extremely odd. Every website out there says you need to have sites load faster for mobile devices than for desktop (including Google Page Speed). Yet, mobile devices need images to be at least 200% larger than desktop screens in order to look good. This means those same images will take longer to download on mobile devices than on a desktop, which in turn penalizes your speed ranking. It’s ridiculous.

  15. Nora

    I gave up doing any edits to my images. Now all I have to do is upload and publish. Thank you, Image Foo ( They create each image for me and deliver me the correct sizes and they compress for me. Now all I have to do is think of a good alt tag! Such a stress reliever!

  16. Tahir Taous

    I don’t like to use image optimization plugin, I think if you are going to add one or two images in each blog post, use online image optimization service like It takes few seconds to optimize your images, I have used many online image optimization services and best. I am not affiliated with them just a happy user. 🙂

  17. James George

    Thanks for this awesome, in depth look at resizing images. Have you seen Imagify? It apparently with resize all of your images at once on your WordPress site without looking quality. This is similar to – and it was discovered by a client of mine who needed a solution for handling existing images.

    Thanks for covering images for Retina displays. Most people forget to do that for Retina users.

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