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  1. TWA

    Interesting to see how WordPress compares to other platforms from a UX point of view

    Thanks for a great article

  2. Gaurav Heera

    thanks for giving us a meaningful information about WordPress, this is a useful information and this article is really damn good thanks for sharing it with us

  3. SixtyMarketing

    Hi Ryan, WordPress is far more versatile than other platforms such as SquareSpace, Wix, Magento etc as you have so many great plugins available that can transform a simple blog into eCommerce, membership, directory or pretty much anything else you can think of! There is always a theme or plugin(s) available for all your needs.

    I’m sure if you did some stats (which are great by the way) on how quickly you can setup an eCommerce website with 2 products, I’m pretty sure WordPress would come out on top again.

    Thanks for the stats! We can now direct clients to this link to show them WordPress is far easier to use over Wix!

    Kev – SixtyMarketing

  4. Ben

    Great post. I feel like WordPress 4.7 definitely showed that the WordPress team are focusing on the experience of new users, who can be easily lost early in the process.

  5. John Locke

    Hi Ryan:

    It’s a pretty good sign for WordPress the platform that users are able to complete some basic tasks easier than they are on Wix or Squarespace. We generally assume that, since it is the platform we’ve chosen to work with (and so it’s and extension of our self-identity). But is great to have proof.

    I think the most valuable part of this study are the videos. There are interesting things that we can learn from watching these. It’s easy to forget we’re the WordPress 1%, and it’s a good reminder that our customers and clients are not.

    Thanks for putting forth the time, effort, and expense to put together this comprehensive study.

  6. Jeremy Easterbrook

    These stats are great to have Roy. I would love to see a similar comparison Shopify vs Woocommerce vs Magento if you guys ever get a chance !

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