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Introducing Sitechecks

Today I’m thrilled to introduce our latest service, sitechecks. If you’re looking for an expert-driven comprehensive review of your WordPress website, take a look at sitechecks.

The first car I ever purchased for myself with my own money was a Hyundai Sonata. It was a beautiful Oscar the Grouch green color and I still remember the used car salesman’s eyes when I agreed to buy the car. They lit up like a Christmas tree!

Here’s my dumb car in all its glory

I figured his excitement was because he was new on this job and this was his first sale. Turned out he was a veteran used car salesman and couldn’t believe that some twenty-something moron was ready to drive an actual flaming pile of garbage off his lot.

Over the years that car would require more money in repairs than the car was worth.

I became intimately familiar with every mechanic in town. I knew which ones were running game, who was trying to make a quick cash grab, and finally found one that I knew I could trust with any needed car repairs.

One of the first signals that I knew I had found the right repair shop is that the mechanic (his name was Shane) insisted I leave the car with him for an entire day so he could really dig in and identify everything that was happening with my failing vessel of reclaimed car parts.

Shane didn’t make any recommendations until he knew exactly what he was up against.

Shane had all the same diagnostic tools as every other mechanic, but he also relied on something that no other shop in town had — his intuition and industry experience.

After a 24 hour separation from my car, I came back to an action plan for exactly which items we should address with my car, which things could be ignored, and a few other recommended best practices to keep bad things from happening again in the future.

The end result was a thoughtful approach to getting my car in the best shape it had ever been in, without bankrupting me and spending on things that didn’t matter.

Introducing Sitechecks by Site Care

This experience at Shane’s shop inspired our newest service at Site Care — sitechecks. We take a comprehensive look at your WordPress website, get familiar with all the ins and outs, and then we make smart recommendations for improvement to help save you effort and money.

I’m sure none of you have paid for a website without knowing what was really going on “under the hood”, right? Or maybe some of you have gone the DIY route and the end result is something much more… ahem… “complex” than you intended? Or maybe, just maybe, you’re in a new position at your company and one of your responsibilities is to “take care of the website,” but you don’t even know where to start?

We’ve seen all of these scenarios more times than we can count, and we want to help. It’s really tough to even know where to start if you don’t know heads from tails when dealing with your website.

That’s why we do all the heavy lifting. We get to the bottom of what the real issues are, help you prioritize them, and figure out the quickest path to resolution without breaking the bank.

We evaluate your web host, WordPress, all of your themes and plugins, as well as the security and performance of your website. Then we put together an action plan, and our team can even help you execute it!

We deliver the audit as a dedicated password-protected page hosted on our sitecheck website that you access whenever you’d like. You can also save the report as a pdf or print it to share with people in your office (if you’re still in an office that prints things).

And then after all that, we have a real WordPress expert talk to you and review everything that we found. Just like Shane did with me!

This isn’t a code audit. We have enough product, hosting, and plugin knowledge to know that rebuilding a more elegant solution from scratch is rarely the right approach, so we don’t usually need to review things at that level. Would you pay a mechanic to rebuild the internals of a radiator? Maybe if it was for some kind of classic car, but more often than not it’s a lot more efficient to replace the radiator with a newer and better model.

We take a holistic (buzzword alert) look at your website and all the moving parts and how they work together. Then we make recommendations for improving security, site performance, and long-term health.

Our promise is to always make recommendations we’d follow for our own websites. We’re not in this for a quick cash grab. We want to earn your business over and over, just like Shane has mine. We want to be your trusted source for spending wisely and reducing frustration when it comes to all things WordPress, and sitechecks are another piece to that puzzle.

Sitechecks go on sale today for $299, a $100 discount for a limited time. You can read through our FAQ for any specific questions you have, and of course you can always contact us for more info.

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  1. WpWebhelp

    Yes I also think that the cost of the service is little too pricey but still a very good service. This service can dominate if the price is little less.

    1. Ryan Sullivan

      Thanks for the feedback, David. Pricing is one of those things that always takes a while to get right, but is also based on value. So far everyone who has purchased a sitecheck has been really happy with the results. We’ll definitely keep this in mind if things slow down or we hear this from lots of people. Thanks!

  2. Collins Agbonghama

    This is indeed a great service which am sure a lot of WordPress site owners will find useful including myself.

    The $299 fee though. Although affordable, i still think it’s on the higher side.

    Great read.

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