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  1. Optinmonster Money Back February 2018 – scioncreative
  2. paras dhankecha

    Such a great review, i m going to try this but i have a question, if i already have an email list on mail chimp then can i import it to optinmonster?

  3. Dan

    Nice article, very helpful!

    I would prefer one-time payment option, I’m a newbie, deciding between Ninja Popup & Convertplug, any recommendations?

  4. Santanu

    Thanks for sharing such a detailed review of optinmonster. Although there are many such email optins available, but this is the best and cheapest email list builder.

  5. Robert Roose

    OptinMonster is a terrible service. If you purchase a subscription, don’t expect that you can get a refund, because you can’t. OptinMonster used to be a good service, but recent changes have made it more difficult to use in WordPress. They’ve failed to keep up with the competition. There are far better alternatives available than OptinMonster.

    1. Dave

      Robert & Aaron — I’m highly considering going with OptinMonster for my site because the other plugins I’ve looked at — mainly, Bloom by ElegantThemes — are not the best. They load a ridiculous amount of javascript, the CSS is poorly coded and REALLY hard to override…

      Would you mind sharing what some of the better alternatives (in your opinion) are? I’d love to get this right with my first go-around, if possible. Thanks!

  6. Joyel Coutinho

    I feel Icegram is the best,i have tried out many different plugins and Icegram stands above all,its
    the best plugin there is,Its an All-in-one: Popups, header / footer
    bars, notifications, messengers which is absolutely free

    check it out yourself

  7. Dwayne Dobson

    I haven’t purchased OptinMonster yet but wanted to thank you for the thorough review.

    When it comes to product reviews there is so much noise out there. You seemed to cut through it all. Although you sort of threw off my conviction of OptinMonster with the mention of Ninja Popups.

    Again thanks, I look forward to coming back to your site in the near future.

    1. Ryan Sullivan

      Awesome, glad the review was helpful to you Dwayne! Let us know if you have any questions that we can help out with in the future.

  8. Alice Cooper

    It would seem like a tall claim. But have you guys tried out ICEGRAM ? It’s an all in one WP plugin that’s creating waves. It not only does popups but also action bars, notifications & messengers.
    Hmm, the price? Well its free. So no risk at all. It has got loads of good reviews you could bank on. Do check it out at

  9. Holly McIlwain

    Well done article and I really appreciate the in-depth info here and it’s something I’ve been working on for too long, but it doesn’t appear you are using Optinmonster. Are you?

  10. JayMichaelsSDM

    I can’t get the darn thing to work. I use the genesis framework, the aweber won’t authorize and when it does I am missing some of my list…..smh

    1. WP Site Care

      That’s too bad, Jay. Have you reached out to their support yet? They’re usually pretty good at troubleshooting that type of stuff.

      1. JayMichaelsSDM

        A few emails back and forth, then I never heard from them again. I really like the slick feature, so I’m being patient, but goodness…smh

      2. Holly McIlwain

        You should contact Syed Balkhi @syedbalkhi and I’ll bet he will help you. He’s one of the owners of WP Beginner and Optinmonster and is a super helpful guy. I’m using Ninjapopup right now, but disabled it due to problems. It requires so much refreshing that I can’t work on my site. I use Mailpoet, which Ninjapopup does integrate well with, but I recently asked Syed if Optinmonster would work with Mailpoet and he said yes. Mailpoet is not listed in this blog nor their web site. I use Ultimatum Theme Framework and never have any issues, but Ninja is not working out for me so I’m seeking something else. I hate wasting money and am concerned about trying Optinmonster until I’m sure it will work with Ultimatum framework and Mailpoet for my subscription management. Thanks Y’all

  11. zmenezes

    I paid $199 for OPTINMONSTER just to discover that its worse than NINJA POPUPS. Less templates, less options, more bugs! NINJA POPUPS costs only $22 and is A LOT BETTER.

    1. Ian Cleary

      I use Optinmonster and it works perfectly. The latest release has more templates, more options and I’ve never found it to be buggy. Also very easy to set up. Sounds like you’re talking about a different tool than what I’m using!

    2. Holly McIlwain

      I tried Ninja Popups and it was the cheapest, paid $24 at Code Canyon, easy to install and loved it at first, but I can’t work on my WP site while it is activated. I use Ultimatum for a framework, which works great with everything, but not this plugin. What it does is forces me to constantly refresh my site while I’m working on it and it takes several additional clicks and some of the changes I made to my site do not save while Ninja is activated. It could be me, I’m a newbie WP designer, but I’m going to give Optinmonster a try next. I cannot get my money back for my Code Canyon purchase, but Optinmonster has a 14 day guarantee, so it’s less risk. Now that I know the issues I experienced with Ninja, I can test it and see what I think. Plus, I know Syed Balkhi wouldn’t keep anyone’s money if they weren’t happy. I met him at WordCamp and he’s a fair guy.

  12. Kevin Godwin

    my thing is I’ve got my webguys who can’t seem to install optin monster…not sure if it’s because I quit paying them 200/month for their plugin or if their complaint of a ‘bug’ issues exists…Trying to get a ‘live’ person with optin monster is impossible ..wish there was someone in ‘the know’ that could install this for me..yes they would be paid…if anyone with the know how can…contact me…
    [email protected]

  13. Aaron Fifield

    Ryan, awesome review, very thorough!

    One thing I didn’t like about the plugin was how the ‘exit intent’ activated when moving the cursor to the scroll bar. But still, a much more affordable alternative to Bounce Exchange…

    1. WP Site Care

      Thanks Aaron! And just so you know, the exit intent behavior is 100% optional. You can turn it off if you don’t want to use it. Thanks again for stopping by.

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