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  1. Carlos

    Hi. My experience was dramatic with Pagely, my site started to fail, I had up to 3-5 daily falls, other times the site was excessively slow. They wanted to block the use of Jetpack functions. Bad treatment by support when I reported my site dropped, they threatened to deactivate my page if I did not move my site to another provider.
    Very unusual.

    1. Ryan Sullivan

      Hey Carlos, thanks for sharing your experience. That’s really strange and very different from what we’ve heard from most customers. Definitely not in line with our own experience.

      1. Carlos Molina

        Ryan, I was hosted for 3 years. Two weeks ago I moved my site from PageLy to SiteGround. In PageLy wanted to raise my plan for more than 300 USD, even having connectivity problems, errors, several drops and first byte took longer than normal, even having configured the CDN they created themselves.

        Now with SiteGround I must admit that the performance of the site and the loading speed had an impressive improvement, our monitoring system has not registered any drops. And all with less money.

        PageLy has a lot to improve in the future.

  2. Raymond

    Terrible. We hosted ~25 websites with them at a whopping $500 a month for multiple months and encountered nothing but problems. It literally started with the migration of our sites when they for some reason, can’t quite figure out how to use the Search & Replace function inside the database properly.

    We had a lot of downtime and when we asked them to investigate, they would do a half-a**ed job, ask our team to do it, or simply are clueless/incompetent (some of the causes included their tech-stack, outdated software, and poor management of our resources…) Their support team would ping-pong us among themselves which resulted in diffused responsibility and accountability (there were times their own team members contradicted themselves.

    Hosting with them has been frustrating and costly – we spent quite a few man hours dealing with all of the errors we encountered, furthermore, we lost a lot of changes our team was making to our various websites because we experienced database connection issues. This was the last straw… They blamed Amazon for the database issue as if that somehow is supposed to excuse them.

    We’ve since moved away from Pagely and do NOT recommend them whatsoever. Terrible company that pretends to be cutting-edge and charge you for it but can’t get their act together.

  3. Tina Gleisner

    Surprised you didn’t cover backups here, as that’s the other critical consideration & what blew me out of the water at WP Engine … oops, found info at bottom of Pagely’s pricing page – auto backup to S3 with 14 day retention.

    1. Brian Gladu

      Hi Raymond,

      I’m on the marketing team at Pagely. We reviewed your support history and, you’re right, there were a number of issues. It’s a great example of why they say, “when it rains, it pours.” It’s unfortunate when things happen that way for a customer and we’re sorry it didn’t go more smoothly for you.

      This was a situation where issues were coming from all directions — we had some hardware and database failures that were out of our control, there were some pre-existing issues with the code that was migrated to our servers, and we did make a couple mistakes. In our defense, I can see in your tickets that we worked hard to resolve all these issues for you— whether or not they were pre-existing issues. At Pagely we offer what we call “+1 support” which means we do whatever it takes to help our clients. There’s very little that’s outside our scope of support and even then we often make exceptions if it means we can “+1” it. Our above and beyond, over-the-top service is what makes Pagely, Pagely and distinguishes us from other hosting companies, some of whom will avoid taking the measures we routinely take for our clients.

      At this point, over 10 months later, I don’t think there’s anything I can do to make the situation right for you. I just want you to know that we wish it had gone better too. In fairness, your experience was a rare exception and by no means the norm. Best of luck!

  4. Tina Gleisner

    Surprised you didn’t cover backups here, as that’s the other critical consideration & what blew me out of the water at WP Engine.

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