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I Remember #MyFirstProject on the Web. Do you?

I don’t know why exactly, but last night as I was looking at the stack of work I needed to complete before heading out of town for a family commitment, I felt overwhelmed for a minute, and then I started waxing nostalgic. I started remembering some of my early web projects and how much I enjoyed building new things.  I thought back to 1996, the first time my family got the internet. We were probably the first family on my block to have it, and I couldn’t get enough of it.

I was sure I was going to be a hacker before hackers were even really even a thing. I’d log onto my favorite BBS (I linked that because some of you are going to be too young to know what a BBS is. Sigh), and would have long conversations with other users about the latest way to get free minutes from your ISP, or how to make free phone calls from a pay phone. The irony, of course, was that I’d spend hours and hours patching my computer for this “free” time that I probably could have payed for had I been working at a job during those hours. But hey, I was fourteen and there was a new digital world at my fingertips.

The Chocobots
The Chocobots was a tribute to the amazing cartoon robot team from The Simpsons

Fast forward a few years to when I was a Senior in High School. I had used the internet a lot in three years but primarily for communication, a little bit of scripting, and some “hacking”. I didn’t have a property to call my own. That was the year I worked on building a webpage for the Chocobots, the first ever rap group made up of four white kids from Suburbia, Utah. We were awesome. At least that’s how I remember it. We had mad legit rhymes and even better dance moves. We were having a really excellent time and needed to get the word out about everyone on our crew. There was only one place to go: THE INTERNET!

As I was thinking about that incredible time in my life last night I sent out this tweet:

People started replying and telling me about the way they started on the web, and I was loving all the unique stories. So I tried to formalize it to some degree.

Then the responses started to pour in. Please enjoy this throwback to a slower time on the internet. A time when we were all brand new and things were quite a bit simpler. Then feel free to share your first web project wherever you choose using #MyFirstProject. Let’s blow up the internet and remember, at least for a few minutes, how fun and exciting it was to build.

Now it’s your turn! What’s was your first project on the web? Share using #MyFirstProject and we’ll add it to this post.

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