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Rob Neu and Audit WP Join WP Site Care

When you work with someone for long enough, on a lot of the same types of projects, eventually you reach a point where you casually start asking each other “why aren’t we always building things together?” Those are the conversations I started having with Rob Neu a few months ago.

Rob NeuToday I’m happy to announce that Rob will join WP Site Care full time as our new Director of Digital Strategy. Rob will oversee product development as well as making sure that our brand, services, and content align with our ultimate goal of providing top tier WordPress support, and making WordPress an asset for our clients and people who are new to the platform.

Audit WP is an SEO audit service Rob created with his friend and technical SEO expert Jacob King. The service includes some great client reporting tools which make complex concepts like sitemaps and search algorithms easier to understand, as well as give clients a clear direction for the steps they need to take to rank well in Google. While we’ve always offered services related to the technical implementation of SEO best practices, we’ve been missing a strategical approach to SEO that Rob definitely brings to our team. We can’t wait for him to get on calls with our clients to help them build their organic traffic and grow their blogs and businesses.

Rob also has strong programming chops. He’s the lead developer for Flagship, and is going to be an awesome addition to help us build tools to improve client communication and integrate our services even more tightly with your WordPress sites.

Even more importantly than all of those things, Rob is a person who truly has a desire to build things that help people. He’ll rant and rave and occasionally have a twitter meltdown, and it’s all because he’s passionate about busting myths, educating users and clients, and building things in a way that makes sense and is done with quality in mind.

Welcome Rob Neu

There’s no better place to hear about Rob, than from Rob. I’ll let him finish this post so he has a chance to introduce himself, correct any lies I’ve told (I haven’t told any), and so you get a chance to know his writing style, and just a few more things about him and why he chose to join our team. The floor is yours, Rob.

WP Site Care Group Projects
Rob Before WP Site Care

Thanks Ryan. This change has been a long time coming and although working on a team has been a new experience for me, I’m already finding myself right at home with the WP Site Care crew. Joining the team is a big step for me. I’ve been an entrepreneur in charge of my own start-up projects for more than four years now and I honestly never had any intention of joining someone else’s team. I’ve always been fiercely independent (probably to a fault sometimes) and dedicated to doing things “my way”. Working side-by-side with Ryan and his team has changed all that.

I’ve watched WP Site Care grow into a thriving business over the past year and I’ve been continuously impressed with how well they’ve been able to maintain quality while continuing to increase the number of customers they’re serving. Since the first time I talked to Ryan, I knew WP Site Care was going to be a huge success, but he’s made it happen even faster than I expected.

At my core, the thing I like the most about everything that I do is that I’m able help people. That’s really the one aspect of my work that drives me to do what I do. I want to help people improve their businesses, make more money, and be more successful. I know that I’ll have an even greater opportunity to do that with the team here at WP Site Care, so joining up was really a no-brainier.

I’ve got some really great stuff planned for WP Site Care customers including some hands-on SEO training packages and a really neat plugin to make getting support directly in your dashboard just that much easier. Keep your eyes peeled everyone, we’re just getting started!

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  1. Chris Langille

    This will be fun to watch, two of the funniest dudes I know online. If I was added to the equation, we’d be eating brisket all day and probably go out of business within two months

  2. carrie dils

    Uh oh – may be too much power under one roof! 🙂 Congrats guys!

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