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Why Should Write an Honest Bluehost Review

The short version of this article is that we haven’t had great luck with Bluehost, and we’d like to be more transparent with their endorsement. Essentially, our Bluehost review is technically a review of’s Bluehost review. For better hosting alternatives look at our WordPress hosting comparison article.

WordPress Hosting is a tricky business and finding an impartial Bluehost review is even more difficult. I’ve never been employed at a web host but I do have a lot of background working with systems that need to be online and available all the time. It’s hard enough when you have complete control over your environment, so throwing millions of sites into the mix that take full advantages of all the resources you have to offer can be a real strain, and can make being the best WordPress hosting company an extremely lofty goal. I understand all of that completely. Hosting ain’t no kids game.

I’ve talked about WordPress hosting reviews at length before, and I want to bring that same topic up again, but this time in a very specific context. After years of endorsing Bluehost, I believe it’s time they stop.

This is actually tough for me to write because I know people personally who work at Bluehost and this no fault of theirs. Many great techs and developers have no control over business decisions that have been hurting Bluehost’s reputation. They do their best to provide a great service, but they’re playing against a stacked deck and their service, performance, and uptime have tanked over the last year.

Things have gotten so bad that WPMU just awarded Bluehost with a wooden spoon for being the bottom feeder in an unbiased review of 5 different web hosts. Now I don’t know about you, but winning a wooden spoon doesn’t sound like a very awesome prize for a company that should be leading in a high tech industry. Maybe a Blendtec would be a better modern-day kitchen-inspired prize? I digress.

Unfortunately our experience with Bluehost over the past 6-9 months has been similar to what was represented in the WPMU post. Slower servers, poor technical support, and more frequent outages have become the norm, and not the exception.

And even after all of this, Bluehost still has a glowing endorsement from Granted, this hosting recommendations page hasn’t changed in years, but that’s all the more reason to take time and carefully review who’s listed there. That’s what ended up happening with the theme and plugin marketplaces, right? Why not hosting?

A Missed Opportunity for a More Honest Bluehost Review from

We’ve dealt with more hosts than you can imagine; in our opinion, the hosts below represent some of the best and brightest of the hosting world. If you do decide to go with one of the hosts below and click through from this page, some will donate a portion of your fee back—so you can have a great host and support at the same time.

Money Talks

So what’s’s motivation to continue to endorse Bluehost without at least providing users with a frank review of their services? Is it the good affiliate program that helps support the operation of the site and the community? Is it Bluehost’s frequent high-level sponsorship of WordCamps? Or is it simply a gentleman’s handshake that continues to stand?

It’s probably a combination of all three. I honestly have no problem with WordPress listing a host on the .org site with an affiliate link. It takes money to power an open source community like this one. Probably way more than I even know. The bigger issue to me is that they outright say that Bluehost is the “best and brightest of the hosting world” and unfortunately that’s no longer the case. I hope Bluehost does get things figured out, but until then, the WordPress foundation should probably ease off on the leg humping.

I’d honestly much rather see companies pay for space on the .org site than have new users getting bad recommendations. At least if .org was selling the space for $25,000 a month, everyone would know that was the situation and would be on their own for research. It would be transparent and people would know that “Daddy D’s Wacky WordPress Hosting” just had deep pockets, didn’t necessarily provide the best service.

What do YOU think? Should stop endorsing Bluehost? Should they at least provide an honest Bluehost review or some kind of real-life customer feedback? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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  1. Salah

    I signed up with because it was a recommended hosting company by I noticed my freshly started blog is slow, support team stated the theme was the cause.

    After one year with them, I moved to Siteground. It is much better than Bluehost

  2. George Elliot

    My business website has been down 30x since Jan 1 2016. Every time I call or start a chat the wait is 25+ minutes. The people supporting are condescending, arrogant and generally could care less. Bottom line is they tell me if I don’t like the down time, I should increase my account to a dedicated server from @ $60 a year to $1200+ a year. A classic bait and switch which also means they are more interested in the up sale and because of this have ZERO incentive to fix the problem. NO ONE has every given me an answer as to why the site keeps going down, though it’s obvious they have too many resources on the shared server and are not investing in infrastructure. The support staff is not really support. They are fond of saying “I don’t know” and “I’m not a sys admin.” On chat, one support guy kept giving me weird answers, then apologizing. Turns out he was running multiple chats at the same time and getting confused who he was speaking with. Worthless company and super dishonest.

  3. JinJoo

    I wished I had read this review before I started with Bluehost last year (2015). I had my blog on for 5 years and then decided I would go to a self-hosted model and opened an account at Bluehost at the recommendation by and various other bloggers which I didn’t realize at the time why.
    After several days of being on chats/phone with Bluehost, I realized what the sales people promised me was totally different from what they were willing to do. Basically my data size was too big to transfer but I found this out only after paying the $99 for their migration service. I finally got them to refund everything but I had wasted a whole week of my time because the sales people were NOT at all knowledgeable.
    I have a lot of web development experience just not with wordpress so I believe I asked all the right questions but never got the accurate answer.
    Now, a full year later, I find out that they had kept my credit card info and decided to charge me for some renewal Search Engine Jumpstart for a year – $14.99 when I have cancelled everything last year!! I didn’t even think my account was still active?!

    PLEASE be extra careful when dealing with Bluehost. Especially when things go wrong!!

  4. Alayne

    I empathize with my fellow frustrated Bluehost subscribers regarding poor customer support. I was having issues with very slow WordPress websites about a month ago and submitted a ticket to Bluehost.

    NO CONFIRMATION they received my ticket. And after about THREE WEEKS I finally received an email. By that time, my problem had resolved itself –I’m not sure how, but maybe due to uninstalling an add-on. When I asked why it took so long to respond, the tech support rep said it was due to the “bulk of tickets in the pool.”

    Web hosting companies have a responsibility to respond and help their customers in a timely fashion. Bluehost certainly drops the ball on that score. If they are that backlogged they should hire more people. A three-week response time is totally unacceptable. I just had to vent my dissatisfaction and frustration, as many of you here have done.

    Maybe some day it will do some good and they will make the changes necessary to excel at customer support, as they once did years ago before the company changed hands and Bluehost was young and eager to please.

  5. Johnny Punk

    I had a very bad experience with Bluehost and would not recommend this company even to my worst enemies. Besides having countless problems with their poor hosting service, I was misled to buy upgrades that would fix one problem then cause another. The uptime got so bad that it reached 50% (according to an independent report). Resorting to their trouble ticket system is a waste of time. I was told by one of their technicians that they have about 7,000 tickets in the queue! More recently, they suspended my account arguing that I was “overusing” their resources (not sure how that’s possible with a 50% uptime). Once I disputed some credit card charges for poor hosting, they tried to blackmail me by holding my domain name hostage. Eventually, they came to their senses and released the domain name for transfer. So glad I no longer have my website hosted by them!

  6. Survival Gear

    Bluehost is hilariously awful. I just opened a live chat to ask about a DNS error and the guy told me that our domain wasn’t registered with bluehost. I literally had to make a screenshot to prove it to him. 10 minutes later he came back with an even worse suggestion.

    I had to call Shopify to fix the issue even though the issue was on Bluehost’s end. That’s right, the tech support for shopify is doing the job of bluehost tech support.

  7. Jacob I.

    I’ve had bluehost for 5 years now, and I can honestly say, I’m getting fed up with them very quickly.
    Everything was fine the first few years, sure the site loading was slow, but I though maybe it’s because they don’t like to host video files to play on the site. But when those video files are 5-10MB… Leaves you wondering what the issue is. Not to mention the notifications from JetPack about my site being down, sometimes multiple times per week. Last night it was down for half an hour.
    I recently started using 1and1 (about 4 months ago) for a website I created for the fraternal organization I am in, and have only had one down time for 7 minutes.
    There is a hosted video that is ~25MB that loads as fast as my internet connection will allow, ~1.2MB/s. Maybe it’s because 1and1 uses SSD hosting, I’m not sure.
    If I get one more notification from Jetpack about my bluehost site being down for over 10 minutes, I will be switching to 1and1.

  8. Marie

    Oh wow. I’m very shocked to read all those horror stories! I’ve registered with Bluehost six months ago, and I must admit I never had trouble. Yes, it does run slow sometimes but nothing major on my end.

    I am a little scared now that if something happens, Bluehost won’t be very helpful.
    Hopefully it’s not just a matter of time before a major issue hits me…

    I’m keeping notes of alternative hosting companies mentioned here just in case!

  9. Brittany

    Bluehost is awful. After I paid for hosting, I could not get the hosting plan connected to my domain name, nor could I get any help from Bluehost. It was after I took legal action that they finally connected my domain name to my hosting plan. That is their business and it’s what they do all day. You’d think they could have helped out with hosting my site! And to this day they won’t tell me what they did to finally get the hosting working. Of course I had already pointed the hosting plan to the server names they gave me but that was not enough. Why is everything such a secret with these awful hosting companies?

  10. Franklin Ortega Leiton

    I use Shared pro (MY shared hosting have problem and my 2 principal site have problems , slow and continus 503 server error) i migrate the saturday to VPS; one of my sites work and another 100% offline) now VPS say Full disk Support guy say pay extra space for correct this I pay, so need mouth this! new space, support guy mount this buyed space to /home and my site 100% offline, I try to rever, I try to access to CPanel an need root acces and clear carpet , for continues to CPanel so what is the next trouble?

    Saturday I chat with support thinking in Cloud Or VPS hosting, Saturday Support Guy say
    Cloud Hosting is a shared service / Monday (Today) another support guy say NO ; cloud not is shared.
    employers dont have clear information

    This is a nigthmare.

  11. Lauren Van Mullem

    Ever since I signed up with Bluehost – just a week ago – I’ve been getting sales calls not just from them, but from every other jerk with a call center. Apparently they gave my number and email address to everyone, without my permission or knowledge. I don’t care how great their service is (or isn’t), this is inexcusable. I’m transferring hosting immediately and will dispute payment to them with my credit card company if necessary. What jerks!

    And, I should note: I chose them after looking at user reviews, which were all glowing. Then, after the first call, I typed in the call number and discovered that marketing harassment is common practice with this company.

  12. Mark

    I’ve used bluehost for years and had all manner of issues. Once my site was down for days and they blamed an external switch, but couldn’t / wouldn’t do anything about it. Downtime and painfully slow access have been issues, but the biggest problem is their awful support. Online chat is slow, dumb and I don’t think has ever solved an issue. Calling their contact numbers has seen me wait for 20, 30 or upto 40mins to be ‘helped’. I once finally got through and the guy told me he couldn’t help me and he hung up. Other times a transfer to a technician didn’t work – and they hung up on me.
    Garbage. Glad to finally be away from them.

  13. disappoint

    Bluehost back up tool didn’t back up my site properly. All files are not completely back up. Then the staff would just say “Read the terms of service”.

    There are 2 backups on March 5th and February 20th. Both these backup did not restore completely.

    Very disappointed with bluehost.

  14. Austin

    The hold times are unreasonable. While on hold, the wait times fluctuate. The lack of customer support representatives makes this product acceptable only for customers who will never have a need for any technical or customer support. Canceling the account meant waiting on hold three times – the first time only to be told to call back, the second that I needed to be transferred and the third just to be told that I would receive an email with a link to a webpage that would allow me to request a cancellation. Why not provide customers with decent service and an easy option to leave?

    Their prices are no longer competitive, and wait times are dismal.

  15. diane h.

    Bluehost came to me highly recommended. At no point could I access my own site. Within an hour I tried to cancel my account and they emailed me a form I had to fill out to cancel but in order to cancel, I had to be able to sign in to my account, which I couldn’t do. I spent more time trying to cancel it than it was up! and I swear they had one guy answering the phone because I called 3 times, each time it told me it was a 2 minute wait–not at all accurate–and then I got the same guy. Unbelievable. Terrible experience.

  16. will

    Bluehost are absolute CROOKS!!! CROOKS!!! USD 249 to put my site back up.
    Crooks. stay away from bluehost.

  17. Daniel

    Bluehost is a real disaster for anyone who wants to host their website, please STAY AWAY!
    My business plus website has experienced service interruptions and I was talked into upgrading the service to their new Cloud Business service and scheduled a migration on the same day.

    They totally screwed up the migration and my website and email have stopped working for over 2 days and yet still been told to wait.

    They do not have any back up plans and they do not know how long it will take to get the migration done. Their customer service simply tells you to wait.

    When I trying to move to a different hosting company, they even have my account locked up so I could not even get a backup of my SQL database.

    I am talking about a business e-commerce website and sales are generated everyday on the website.

    If you are trying to lose your investment and customers, try and they will surprise you with their know-hows!

  18. Rick

    Thank you I am going through this RIGHT NOW! I thought I was the only one..

  19. Erik

    I put two web clients with Bluehost due to the WordPress endorsement. I wish I never had. Slow sites, tickets unresponded to, unresolved issues, cut and paste replies, trouble with their own site and services not working! Are you kidding me? What went wrong with them? BH now operates like GoDaddy and Hostgator; terrible. I have other clients with Siteground-phenomenal!

  20. angela

    blue host is the WORST. WORST customer service, I keep losing my mail, and when i call to get help they are rude and don’t help at all. One advisor just had me remove a mailbox and while I was trying to re-install there was a problem and he couldn’t help me set it up. I was like, ok – so you had me remove my email and now you can’t help me set up a new one. he’s like ya, call apple, we don’t use apple products. WTF!! so here I sit no mail. No help and rude customer service EVERYTIME I CALL!

  21. Yolanda

    Thank you Ryan for this article, it really helped me, I am going to try siteground.

  22. Dave

    I’ve been with Bluehost for over a decade, but they appear to be a disaster now. I remember when I could email the founder and got replies back. Just now, I ran a page load test and it looks like 50 seconds to load my simple wordpress home page. I went to the support area it says there is a 30-minute wait. I have thought about switching to their cloud hosting product; I assumed the problem was that I am on a shared server with a bunch of idiots who are corrupting performance, but now I think the problem is just Bluehost.

    1. Bill

      Couldn’t agree more with this comment. I’ve been worn Bluehost for 10 years and this is my exact experience. Garbage page loading speed and hopeless customer service, and declining more and more each time I need them. I desperately want to change, but I can’t find a good reliable substitute. Or an unbiased non affiliate site.

    2. Ajay

      Hi Dave! longtime Bluehost customer here too. Just switched to cloud hosting. Seems like my sites just keep slowing down. Was wondering if switching over to another provider fixed the problem for you? My membership site seems to have slowed down even more after switching to cloud… And if it is fine with you if you could tell me who you went with.

  23. Jason

    All three of my sites hosted by Bluehost have been down all day. Same experience as others regarding the 30 minute displayed wait time actually taking over an hour. There response to my inquiry more than 8 hours ago was that it was a problem on their end that they would have resolved in the next couple hours.

  24. Andy

    I am moving sites away from Bluehost as fast as I can. Two reasons: Bad Hosting and Bad Customer Service.

    Bad Hosting: My sites are monitored by and They send me an email when my sites go down. They go down for periods of 20+ minutes a time several times a day. Bluehost will do nothing about it.

    Customer Service: Half an hour wait on phone until they hung up. One hour wait on chat. No response. Sent an email to No response for TWO WEEKS! Opened a trouble ticket- no response until I opened another a week later. No response to second ticket whatsoever. No response to postal mail sent to VP of Customer Service, Ben Lewis. Get the picture?

  25. Oasis Thacker

    My awstats and other stats for my two bluehost sites are not updated since January 28, 1016. I have complained several times, but they don’t know when it would be fixed.

    I am surprised that such a large hosting company cannot fix such a minor problem for so many days.

    I am disappointed

  26. carlos

    Bluehost is such a terrible company to do business with. My website is being going down for a week now, a couple of hours daily. You try to contact their support and you get in line that says “wait time: 30 minutes”. But instead you stay in line over 1 hour and minutes counter will not move. I am hiring another website host company.

  27. bruce

    I absolutely hate bluehost. I have had email problems literally for YEARS. And these guys get SEO people to come in a bury anything negative, so if you want to spare your friends and family, keep writing reviews and spreading the news first hand because Bluehost will never admit that they suck. I am moving all my sites as soon as I get a window of time. In the meanwhile, my emails will NEVER WORK WELL ON MY MAC MAIL CLIENT… as usual for the last five years.

  28. Chad Franklin

    I will never use BlueHost again! I’ve been trying to install wordpress and I keep getting an error saying it can’t build the database. I do have an active database on same account so I tried to install the theme I just purchased from ThemeForest and guess what…It can’t display it. So I tried another theme that I got from there and same thing! Then I get an error stating that the php version is outdated. I then try to call 30min wait! I’m still waiting from a 20 min chat wait. I would like to tell them to stop advertising because they can’t handle the customers and their service is absolutely terrible. I used to use BlueHost all the time because of their fast customer service and everything just worked good! But I’m done…GoDaddy here I come.

  29. Randy Kellum

    Great article! Yes, my WordPress site was automatically updated to a new WordPress version. My site is totally unrecognizable. Some content shows but quite a bit does not show, the company logo is gone, the phone numbers, the e-mail information is bogus. They layout is completely askew. I received an e-mail that an WordPress update had been applied to my site. Message said “Howdy your WordPress site has been updated automatically to 4.3.2. I put in a support call to get this resolved. BlueHost support (terrible at best) said my website is up and I should clear my cache. Never mind that my website content is missing (much of it) and the information is bogus, as far as BlueHost is concerned, all is OK. Wouldn’t recommend BlueHost to anyone. When I first started they were good but service and support has really declined in recent years.

  30. megg

    I tried to sign up for bluehost today. They A. listed the fees as monthly but charge yearly only once you’ve put in your credit card, B. then charge an ADDITIONAL $149 only AFTER you sign up and pay the annual fees to transfer over a website. If I buy hosting, I obviously need to transfer over my website. The additional $149 wasn’t listed anywhere in the marketing information for hosting. I then tried online chat, that was a 30 min hold. I did call and get someone right away. She helped me cancel. It was going to take a week to get my money back so she suggested I could expedite but had to talk to another department. That’s another 20 min wait. Still holding…

  31. Vicky

    Yes WordPress and all the bloggers who endorse this horrible company should stop! I can’t even make a new business card because Bluehost has decided my emails are spam (same as someone above reported) even though I have sent only 5 or 6 emails total from the address over a year and a half period. It’s an hour wait for a useless chat. And like someone else above, I got locked out of my account because of the wacky Lost Password link.

    They were OK a few years ago when I signed up but now they are a joke! I’m going to learn how to transfer my files to a new host ASAP.

  32. MCC

    This is so helpful and I appreciate your blog–thank you! I’ve had a host (ha!) of problems with Bluehost for the last 2-3+ years. They were so great years ago…came recommended by my web developer. These days, they’re down so often it seems like it’s to be expected every month or so, and every six months or so they have a HUGE server issue…down for days.
    My needs are simple–just a website that I rarely change, but it is my main form of advertising. My email is with them too, though, and that’s where the problems come in…they are down so often. I just was down last week for 5 days. No joke. It is embarrassing to me to have to email my clients from my personal address all the time. The amount of energy I wasted on the whole ordeal makes me angry.

    I’m switching to wpengine. It is as much as I pay for the VPS that Bluehost talked me into and I hear it’s really reliable and good. I’ll be using Google Business for my email.

    1. Donna

      I’ve been with Bluehost for a decade and they USED TO BE terrific. The last 6 months, every time I call in the wait times are insane. I’m talking 40 minute wait times. And they never actually fix the problem. Instead, they sell you some high-priced “specialized” service. This past Thursday, they upsold me another $800 and 2 days later, my website was still down. (I’m writing this on Saturday)

      I just called in again and they figured out I wasn’t playing around anymore. Turns out, all I needed to do was uninstall a problematic plug-in that was known for causing the problem I had encountered.

      Website was back in 3 minutes.

      I will be changing hosting companies. That’s for sure.

      1. Scarlett

        Same story here…they actually told me they had no idea why my WordPress site admin was so slow. Tested without plugins, different theme, still unusably slow. I’d be very curious to know what the problematic plugin you deactivated? Thanks.

  33. Paul Horrible! 2 things..
    1 – My emails have been listed as spam and are not getting out. They refuse to give me any information or explanation. They are guilty of something and are poorly hiding it. I send out 10 to 12 individual emails a day at most – I don’t spam. I read that the dirty little secret is they ( are getting listed as spammers as an entire host company.
    2 – There is just absolutely no accountability – you can go sit and spin as far as they are concerned. They might as well be a utility company.
    Run away very fast and never look back!!!!
    Try instead. I asked my new IT guy and he’s had pretty good luck with them over the years.

  34. Jessica Moir

    AMEN! I signed up for BlueHost in 2012 and I am currently relocating all of my sites and client sites to SiteGround. I have had numerous issues with BlueHost over the years, most notably websites mysteriously disappearing (read: all files, database, etc). and sometimes reappearing days later – with no explanation. I’ve heavily invested in offsite backup services for each of my sites due to this issue. Happens once, shame on me (I guess?!) but it happens twice – or more, which it has – shame on you BlueHost. Currently, I’m locked out of my Cpanel because I used the password generator to update my password to a new, totally random password and now that password (you know, the one their generator gave me) doesn’t work. Think that “forget password” link might work? NOPE. Now, to gain access, they’re making me send in a copy of my original back statement for 2012 when I set up the account along with a copy of my ID; after all this, they’ll get to helping me get access “sometime in the coming week.” Gee, thanks again BlueHost.

  35. Colin

    They are saying they can give a site 100m page views a month for $12.49. From my experience of high traffic WordPress websites, even 21m page views a month was killing powerful servers – and that’s only what we being reported by Google Analytics. The actual bot visits would be 3 times as much.

    Yes we had a few plugins, but the bare minimum. And we cached the heck out of the site, and it still struggled some times.

    So for them to say 5 WP sites, with 20m page visits a month each (not even talking about the 100s of millions of server hits from downloading of resources), and only running on 2GB of RAM… should be illegal surely?

  36. Aaron

    I’m just getting into WordPress site building and am researching the .org v .com setup structure. Just got off chat with a Bluehost rep that was actually super helpful and very honest when I asked baited questions. For example, regarding the pricing structure, I had asked about any unlisted discounts and he told me about the multi-year pricing model. My response, “so the upfront list is kind of click-bait for selecting the longest plan for the biggest discount?” Without delay, he said, “Right.” Then we talked about how to get that lower price point for a lower commitment period, where he said renewals have some flexibility on rates. My response, “I sign up, give it a few days, cancel my account during the first 30 days, then get some kind of ‘no stay with us’ email or just have this conversation again.” Bluehost Agent: “oh haha. yeah something along those lines.” I got his shift so that I can try and get him online again if I decide to give this a shot because he was “not sure what rate that specific agent would give…it’s easier that way.”

    I give the agent credit for his honesty – they aren’t his policy decisions after all – but knowing I can get better pricing by jumping through hoops and now seeing this has me wondering. Thanks for the additional research and links!

  37. Kalani

    Interesting to read! Signed up with Bluehost a while ago due to a high recommendation from a friend. Now, very disappointed with Bluehost for how they handled my request to reverse an illegit charge.
    They charged me a few months ago for Sitelock service for a domain that was not a part of my account. It had been de-linked from my account a full year previously. It was ridiculous getting stonewalled by their agents (through email and phone) spouting the company line about how they can’t reverse the charge because I was outside some 30-day refund period policy.
    Took me 50 minutes on the phone to get to a resolution point.

  38. JLP

    I’m currently shopping for a new host for my blog. I came across this post after reading an endorsement for Bluehost on After reading your post, I wonder if Mr. Hyatt is getting paid for his endorsement.

    This leads me to a question: Whom do you recommend for blog hosting?

      1. Ryan Sullivan

        Hey JLP, we’re actually not a hosting company 🙂 We work with a lot of different hosts so we try to share our experiences as much as possible since we work with a lot of different providers.

        You’ll probably find some of the following articles useful:

        Helpful Tips & Tricks for Choosing a Web Host

        Pagely Review – Our Unabridged History of Hosting Our Website at Pagely

        SiteGround Review – Why SiteGround is our Hosting Partner

        Hopefully those help steer you in the right direction. Let me know if you have any questions at all!


    1. Donna

      He earns a commission on every referral, which he does disclose.

  39. Helen

    Hello Ryan – great post and I thoroughly agree. I have had nothing but problems since I signed up for a hosting account with bluehost – so much so that I cannot access my own wordpress site! Their online text chat is not helpful and with no email contact provided, it is not possible to get help. I am trying to work out what to do with the domain register company but I know the problem is with bluehost. I don’t know enough to fix the problem myself but do know enough to know that I am not impressed! What sort of company doesn’t provide an email address? I can’t even cancel the account.

  40. culture

    Great weblog here! Also your website rather a lot up very fast!
    What web host are you using? Can I am getting your affiliate link in your host?
    I desire my site loaded up as quickly as yours lol

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