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Why Should Write an Honest Bluehost Review

The short version of this article is that we haven’t had great luck with Bluehost, and we’d like to be more transparent with their endorsement. Essentially, our Bluehost review is technically a review of’s Bluehost review. For better hosting alternatives look at our WordPress hosting comparison article.

WordPress Hosting is a tricky business and finding an impartial Bluehost review is even more difficult. I’ve never been employed at a web host but I do have a lot of background working with systems that need to be online and available all the time. It’s hard enough when you have complete control over your environment, so throwing millions of sites into the mix that take full advantages of all the resources you have to offer can be a real strain, and can make being the best WordPress hosting company an extremely lofty goal. I understand all of that completely. Hosting ain’t no kids game.

I’ve talked about WordPress hosting reviews at length before, and I want to bring that same topic up again, but this time in a very specific context. After years of endorsing Bluehost, I believe it’s time they stop.

This is actually tough for me to write because I know people personally who work at Bluehost and this no fault of theirs. Many great techs and developers have no control over business decisions that have been hurting Bluehost’s reputation. They do their best to provide a great service, but they’re playing against a stacked deck and their service, performance, and uptime have tanked over the last year.

Things have gotten so bad that WPMU just awarded Bluehost with a wooden spoon for being the bottom feeder in an unbiased review of 5 different web hosts. Now I don’t know about you, but winning a wooden spoon doesn’t sound like a very awesome prize for a company that should be leading in a high tech industry. Maybe a Blendtec would be a better modern-day kitchen-inspired prize? I digress.

Unfortunately our experience with Bluehost over the past 6-9 months has been similar to what was represented in the WPMU post. Slower servers, poor technical support, and more frequent outages have become the norm, and not the exception.

And even after all of this, Bluehost still has a glowing endorsement from Granted, this hosting recommendations page hasn’t changed in years, but that’s all the more reason to take time and carefully review who’s listed there. That’s what ended up happening with the theme and plugin marketplaces, right? Why not hosting?

A Missed Opportunity for a More Honest Bluehost Review from

We’ve dealt with more hosts than you can imagine; in our opinion, the hosts below represent some of the best and brightest of the hosting world. If you do decide to go with one of the hosts below and click through from this page, some will donate a portion of your fee back—so you can have a great host and support at the same time.

Money Talks

So what’s’s motivation to continue to endorse Bluehost without at least providing users with a frank review of their services? Is it the good affiliate program that helps support the operation of the site and the community? Is it Bluehost’s frequent high-level sponsorship of WordCamps? Or is it simply a gentleman’s handshake that continues to stand?

It’s probably a combination of all three. I honestly have no problem with WordPress listing a host on the .org site with an affiliate link. It takes money to power an open source community like this one. Probably way more than I even know. The bigger issue to me is that they outright say that Bluehost is the “best and brightest of the hosting world” and unfortunately that’s no longer the case. I hope Bluehost does get things figured out, but until then, the WordPress foundation should probably ease off on the leg humping.

I’d honestly much rather see companies pay for space on the .org site than have new users getting bad recommendations. At least if .org was selling the space for $25,000 a month, everyone would know that was the situation and would be on their own for research. It would be transparent and people would know that “Daddy D’s Wacky WordPress Hosting” just had deep pockets, didn’t necessarily provide the best service.

What do YOU think? Should stop endorsing Bluehost? Should they at least provide an honest Bluehost review or some kind of real-life customer feedback? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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  1. Vinod

    Yes, Bluehost can sometimes be a bad option for customers, But I guess people sign up because it’s very cheap pricing and they do very good marketing.

  2. Adrian

    I just moved to Bluehost from “” and now I’m super pissed. It took me a long time to figure out how to migrate my site because it was my first time, and then when I have it all figured out, it turns out that Bluehost is one of the worst hosts out there.

    After having it on Bluehost for one day, I’m already having problems such with my site taking 10-20 seconds to load, and – this just happened – my site is no longer loading at all.

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  4. Hanpro

    Bluehost is not easy for me to optimize site speed (due to slow page load time), especially newbies who do not know much about technique. I do hope they reform to catch up with world internet changes

  5. Christopher Manhoff

    Thank you for saying the emperor has no clothes. Bluehost used to be a great company. Then they were bought by Endurance who drove it into the ground. I finally grew so disgusted with their useless tech support (after waiting up to 45 minutes to even get a tech), that I left them for Siteground and have never looked back. Now, an affiliate marketer recommending BlueHost is my acid test of whether they’re full of BS or not. WordPress will get bit if they keep messing with that dog.

  6. Hyrax

    Go to bluehost if you want to have your website with a company that treats their employees like garbage. I was suffering from mental health issues due to the upper management being verbally abusive and the HR manager Ryan Carkhuff refused to fill out the paper work to help me get medical. Kept saying “are you resigning then?” over and over and over. this is the audio of them. Since then over half of the overnight crew has quit. there are only 4 people left. They would rather treat their employees like shit then prevent their customers from having a 3 hour wait time. They kept beating around the bush because they wanted me to resign so they didnt have to fire me so i couldnt collect unemployment or disability. Seriously a scummy company full of horrible people that dont care about the customer.

  7. Homicidol Maniac

    I used Bluehost for about a year and a half. In that time, they quintupled my monthly fee, degraded my service, slowed my load times to a crawl, held my code hostage, allowed malware to be installed in my WP theme files (or put it there themselves, it wouldn’t surprise me) and had me dealing with support techs who either didn’t know what was and wasn’t company policy, or lied because they didn’t know what to do, or both — and this is with me spelling out the problem and often just trying to get information from them so I could handle the fix myself.

    Very happy to leave when my site went from “perfectly fine” to “throttled to death” overnight despite no changes being made, and their only response was “you could always upgrade your hosting.”

  8. Neal

    Bluehost was absolutely the worst experience i’ve had in 3 years of online entrepreneurship. I originally had my website hosted at GoDaddy and decided to switch for a couple different reasons. It was the worst mistake I could have made. Technical support and all around services are extremely poor quality. For example, it took literally 2 weeks for Bluehost’s third party partner to migrate my website from GoDaddy to their servers. Bluehost seemed to think it wasn’t their problem, but it was a major problem regardless. I recently switched to WPEngine, and it only took about 2 hours to migrate my website over. That is just the tip of the iceberg. My advice would be to avoid Bluehost at all cost. You’ll hear a lot of people recommending them, but beware because they offer a high affiliate referral fee. I could be wrong in my assumption, but my guess is that the ONLY reason people still refer to Bluehost is because they make significant amounts of money doing so. I know of one influencer who claims to make upwards of $50,000/mo from Bluehost affiliate commissions.

  9. clicando aqui

    I stopped using Bluehost a long time ago because they simply do not give the message, that’s the truth, when it comes to hosting nowadays I use Hostgator, Hostinger and Digital Ocean and I highly recommend it.

  10. Katie

    After a failed attempt to cancel my renewal (due to some unknown issue) Bluehost have failed to honour their money back guarantee, stating yet more technical issues. They could neither explain the problem nor give even an estimated time frame for my refund, refusing to narrow it down to days, months or (shockingly) even years!

    Their customer support could barely understand what I was saying half the time, and the wait times for live chat were upwards of 10 minutes. When I asked simple questions they would ignore my question and simply rattle a scripted nonsense that had nothing to do with my query! If they didn’t like my question they would simply stop responding.

    I cancelled my hosting renewal because not only had the price increased 3 fold but their website was impossible to use. I had to ask a friend who builds websites for a living to help install wordpress as their one-click install didn’t work.

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