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Dealing with a WordPress emergency and need help with the WordPress backup and restore process? Whether you're dealing with malware, a hacker, or just a simple "oops" mistake on your end that threw your website off-kilter, our WordPress experts can help you get your site back to normal with our speedy WordPress backup and restore services. Contact us today to get started!

Why Have a WordPress Backup and Restore Strategy?

Never leave your website to chance. Be ready at all times for unexpected situations, such as:

Rollback bad WordPress updates

Rollback bad WordPress updates

Has your website’s theme, plugins, or core software stopped “playing nice” with each other after a routine software upgrade? We can turn the clock back to how your site used to be before the update, and then help you troubleshoot whatever is causing the incompatibility issue.

Clean up malware & site hacks

Clean up malware & site hacks

Grappling with malware or a major site hack? We can restore your WordPress website back to the way it was before the attack and help you identify and address the security vulnerability that led to the attack so that you aren’t hit again.

Regain access to your WordPress site

Regain access to your WordPress site

Not able to log in or access your WordPress site? Whether you’ve lost access due to pesky hackers or a fatal error, we help you regain control of your site and make sure that you never lose control of it ever again.

Back up your website with a WordPress support plan.

Don’t yet have a WordPress backup and restore plan in place for your website? Signing up for a WordPress support plan from WP Site Care makes the process simple and hassle-free.

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You Can't Restore a Site Without Backups In Place

What happens to your WordPress website when the server it lives on crashes? What if a hacker gets in and scrambles your website beyond recognition? How do you recover that missing data?

WP Site Care offers emergency WordPress help to assist in times like these. Still, the unfortunate reality is that if you didn’t have a robust WordPress backup and restore strategy in place before the event occurred, there’s only so much we can do. Without a backup, you may be left to rebuild your WordPress website from the ground up.

If your website crashes completely, it means the data is either gone or unusable in its current state, and the only way to restore it is to roll it back to a backup version before the problem took place. This kind of failure can happen for many reasons — server failure, hacking, malware, human error, or bad WordPress software updates.

To keep a server failure or a major site hack from costing you your entire website, you must have a backup plan in place. You must back up your entire WordPress site regularly — preferably in two or more places, with at least one location being independent of your web hosting provider. This gives you a much better chance of recovering your site in case your local backups and your web host’s backups go south.

WP Site Care offers the best WordPress backup and restore solution

The best solution for preventing catastrophic failure of your WordPress website is to implement a backup and restore solution. Not unlike Time Machine for Mac computers, a WordPress backup and restore plan takes periodic “snapshots” of your WordPress site and its associated databases and stores them safely offsite on a completely independent server. If your website becomes compromised beyond repair, we can restore your site completely by uploading the most recent “snapshot” of your site before things went wrong.

WP Site Care offers an ironclad WordPress backup and restore service that fully safeguards your WordPress site against server crashes, malware attacks, and even silly human mistakes. We implement a full array of backup systems and redundancies that include daily, hourly, or real-time backups, as well as advanced backup solutions for multisites and eCommerce sites. If your site becomes unusable, you’re always within reach of a fully restored version of your WordPress site so you can get back in business quickly.

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