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Introducing Cookbook: The World’s Simplest WordPress Recipe Plugin

For the first time in our four year history we released a product! We took on the task of making recipe publishing easier than ever, and we’ve done it by creating the world’s best WordPress recipe plugin (#humblebrag), Cookbook.

Before I get into the specific features of the plugin and what exactly it does, I’d like to rewind and tell you why we built Cookbook in the first place.

Why We Built Cookbook

cookbook-video-cover A good number of our WordPress support customers are independent publishers and high profile bloggers. A pretty large portion of that group happens to love food (who doesn’t?) and more specifically recipe creation. We serve a large contingent of powerful men and women who love creating delectable desserts and entrees, but who hate the work required to share that work with the world.

We watched the support tickets pile up with users who were frustrated by different quirks in existing recipe plugins:

  • Recipe plugins were too hard and confusing to use
  • Publishing a recipe took up to 5 times longer than a standard blog post
  • Nothing ever looked the way they hoped
  • There were always missing features
  • Developers would come and go, leaving users stranded
  • Overall support was inconsistent at best and Comcast-like in some situations

We knew we could handle the support part of the equation. That is what we do, after all. But the product piece was definitely foreign territory. It still is in some ways. Good thing we’re quick learners ?.

All things considered wanted to see whether or not we could build the best WordPress recipe plugin. So we started building.

Good Things Happened Along the Way


As we started working on Cookbook, we connected with Shay Bocks and decided this would be a perfect collaboration. She sells WordPress themes with a food focus and her customer base is chomping at the bit for a solid WordPress recipe plugin. We knew her expertise and direct line access to what foodie’s (pun intended, buy Shay’s themes) want would end up being invaluable.

While we were in the early stages of building, we threw up a website and started gauging interest. We were gathering emails by the hundreds, so we decided to run a sweet deal and sell Cookbook to people who were willing to believe in us early (even before the product was done) in exchange for a heavy discount.

We sold over 400 licenses during pre-sales!

That’s not exactly retirement money, but we knew we had an audience that really wanted a solid product for creating recipes in WordPress. They put their money where their mouth is. We were officially in business!

It makes me laugh because to date we have more customers than we do Facebook likes and Twitter followers combined. I hope that’s true forever ?

Why Cookbook is the World’s Best WordPress Recipe Plugin

That’s quite the claim, isn’t it? Well we believe it! We know we’ve got work to do going forward, but we also know that in terms of simplicity, Cookbook stands alone at the top of the WordPress recipe plugin pyramid.

Here’s a demo we made so you can see how easy it is to get started with Cookbook.

Easy, right?

In terms of features there are likely plugins out there who promise more. But we know that in terms of consistency, reliability, and delivering what our customers have been asking for, we’re building something that’s going to have some serious staying power.

Cookbook Features

Aside from a streamlined publishing experience, we pack a bunch of features under the hood. Even better, we don’t require our customers fumble with settings to take advantage of them.


  • SEO Goodness – Cookbook complies with all the requirements for making sure your recipes and all their associated details are indexed exactly the right way in search engines and sharing sites like Pinterest.
  • Mobile-ready – We’ve done hundreds of hours of theme-compatibility testing to ensure that Cookbook looks great on any device, and that recipes are easily shareable using the built-in print functionality. Never forget the importance of being mobile-ready!
  • Nutrition Data – Not only does Cookbook support nutrition data for your recipes, it also formats everything into a super organized nutrition label; exactly like the labels you see on the back of Oreos all the products you buy.
  • Rich Formatting – One thing that’s super unique about Cookbook is that we allow users to use whatever formatting they want within their recipe. Headings, bold, italic, strikethrough, etc. Get all the power of your favorite WYSIWYG within your recipes.
  • Recipe Ratings – Let people rate your recipes and collect an aggregate rating that gets shared with Google. All those star ratings you see when you search for a recipe, yeah, Cookbook does that.
  • Developer Friendly – Cookbook is incredibly easy to customize using a powerful hook and filter system. Want to move your cook time to the bottom? Easy. Want to change the label from Instructions to Directions. No problem at all.

Above all else Cookbook was built with freedom in mind. We want users and developers alike to use Cookbook and take advantage of the power under the hood, without feeling overwhelmed by too many options or complicated settings.

The Future of Cookbook


From the Cookbook website:

Don’t get stuck with a WordPress recipe plugin that’s poorly supported or may be gone tomorrow. WP Site Care and Feast Design Co. are established brands that are teaming up to deliver a beautiful product, a fantastic customer experience, and reassurance that Cookbook Plugin is here to stay. Shop confidently with the brands you already know and love.

Everything we’ve done with Cookbook is done with long term in mind. We’ve built a foundation that recipe creators can depend on for the long haul. The stories of disappearing recipe solutions are all too common, and we’re determined to break that trend.

We’re so excited to have you try Cookbook that we’re giving early adopters a special deal through the end of the year. Get $20 off your purchase (Regular price of $69) of Cookbook by entering promo code HOLIDAYGIFT at checkout.

May you all have an amazing Holiday Season spending time with the people you care about most. Stay safe, and use some of that downtime to get cooking! ?

If you have any questions about Cookbook, leave a  comment. We always answer!

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  1. Freda Lo

    Can this plugin support other languages like Chinese traditional and Japanese?


  2. Marta Rivera

    Can someone tell me if there’s a way to change the way a reader prints the recipe? Ie., can they change the format to print an index card instead of a full sheet?

    1. Ryan Sullivan

      Hi Marta! At the moment the only print layout available is a standard 8.5×11 page format. We’ll be adding more in the future but at the moment we don’t have other print formats.

  3. Erika

    Hi guys! How do visitors add a star rating to the recipe? I don’t see an option for it in the settings or on the front end recipe page? Thanks! =)

    1. Fran

      Hi Erika, did you find how the star rating works? Can’t find it anywhere! Thanks

  4. Nusprout

    This plugin looks great, but I can’t really tell. It would be great to include a demo on the website, rather than a video. Is there an auto update feature? And what happens after the 1st year, will it still work, but updates just won’t be available?

    1. Kelly the Kitchen Kop

      I’m curious about this too and don’t see an answer:

      “And what happens after the 1st year, will it still work, but updates just won’t be available?”


  5. Lindsay

    Is there a way to easily transfer recipes from a previous plugin to Cookbook’s plugin? Thanks 🙂

  6. Christy Denney

    Is there anyway to easily convert all of our old recipes to Cookbook recipes without manually changing them all (I have over 1000 recipes)?

  7. Lisa

    Hi, I’m thinking of switching from my recipe plugin to Cookbook. Can I post videos in the recipe portion of the post, to demonstrate a technique?

    1. Ryan Sullivan

      Hey Lisa,

      You can most definitely embed video into your Recipes! Feel free to email me directly if you have any additional questions!

  8. Rob

    Nowhere on this page (mobile version) do I see the price of this plugin. Then, I go to the plugin website and again, no price until I click the button to order.


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