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WP Site Care Joins Southern Web

Today I’m thrilled to announce that WP Site Care is now a part of Southern Web.

When I started WP Site Care in 2012, I set out to build a company that could help brands and individuals write their success stories online. Support & maintenance have always been an important piece to that puzzle (it’s hard to make progress with a broken website, right?), but it’s never felt like quite enough.

Despite our best efforts to add complementary services in the past, we’ve never been able to get it quite right.

So when the opportunity arose to join a team that could fill in the gaps, and where we could add value to their customers as well, it felt like kismet. Today we’re officially joining forces with Southern Web.

Who are Southern Web?

Southern Web is an award-winning digital agency offering WordPress design & development, managed web hosting, and data-driven digital marketing services.

The South is because they’re based in Georgia. Clever, right?

Boy and dad running in slow motion

I’ve known the Southern Web founder, Drew Barton, for nearly five years now, and their company has always had a sterling reputation. That familiarity made this a move that I could make with confidence; knowing the core values of who we are and the work we do would stay intact.

Together, WP Site Care and Southern Web are now a one-stop shop for everything a business or blogger needs to stay on top of their digital game, and I couldn’t be more excited!

What does this mean?

Not much will change in the day-to-day. WP Site Care will continue delivering top-notch WordPress support and maintenance as we have always done.

However, there will be some additions to the services we offer. WP Site Care clients will now have streamlined access to new services like:

Over the years, countless WP Site Care clients have asked me if we offer these services, but we’ve always had to refer them to other companies. Now that we’re part of Southern Web, we can offer these top-notch services directly to our clients at competitive prices and can make a more meaningful difference in our client’s online businesses.

Needless to say, I’m thrilled to see what lies on the road ahead. Here’s to the future!

Have questions? Reach out to us directly!

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