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WP Site Care is Officially Open for Business

Welcome to WP Site Care!

I have to tell you that I’m so ridiculously excited to have you here and for the start of this new venture. I’ve been supporting and building websites in the WordPress community for about 3 years now, and I feel like my experience combined with a passion to continue learning and provide stellar service have finally reached a level that is going to allow WP Site Care do some pretty remarkable things.

For a long time I’ve noticed a disconnect among developers, business owners, online publishers, and webhosts. Clients who purchase websites immediately go back to the developer who built it only to get crickets. Webhosts get frustrated when an end-user submits a support ticket that may as well be written in Japanese (considering it’s not a Japanese support forum :), and developers and designers want to focus on the creation of new projects, not the maintenance and upkeep of old ones.

That’s why I decided WP Site Care was a model that will benefit everyone involved. Think of it as a concierge service of sorts. We do everything we can to make technology an asset, not a barrier.

We understand developers

We’ve designed and developed enough websites to understand what developers are looking for in an ideal work environment. It’s hard enough to stay focused on active projects, let alone manage all of the inbound mail for “little tweaks” past clients want done.  We’re in the process of building some cool packages specifically for developers so stay tuned for that.

We understand how to do technical WordPress support

We also have experience in the webhosting and customer support game. We understand that 90% of the time the hardest part of finding a resolution is identifying the specific issues. Web hosts don’t understand WordPress support, but we do. We’ve been doing this on a smaller scale for a while now and have found that because we’re able to identify and communicate the exact issues more quickly, we’re able to get problems fixed a whole lot faster.

We understand business owners and publishers

Having owned businesses previously, I know personally how frustrating it can be when technology gets in the way of a sales goal or completing a task. I’ve also been a blogger for a long time and understand the feeling of “all I want to do is write this stupid post. WORK WITH ME INTERNET!” Our solution is to take a proactive approach. Think of us as Jiffy Lube or eating a balanced diet. Working with us means you’re making an investment today to avoid catastrophic costs or issues down the road. We do our best to keep bad stuff from happening in the first place. Not only that, we’re invested in your goals and want to do whatever we can to make your website help you achieve them.


The last thing I wanted to cover during this launch post is our dedication to keeping our users informed. Even though we take care of most of the dirty work, we still want all of you to have the resources you need to learn more about WordPress if you want to. That’s why we’ll be publishing weekly tutorials for some common and not-so-common tasks in WordPress. We’ll also be releasing a free video tutorials. If you’d like to receive those posts, or get details on promotions we’ll be running, you can put your email in the box at the bottom of this post.

Moving Ahead

We have a lot of really fun things planned and we couldn’t be more excited to get started. We want to establish ourselves as the company that listens, so if you ever have thoughts on how we can improve, tweet us or shoot us a message. If we end up adding your idea to our business, we’ll send you 50 bucks.

If you have any questions about what services we provide, you can check out our FAQ and Benefits pages.


Finally, what would a launch post be without something free? And why don’t we make it something awesome?

We’re going to give away 2 Six Month Blogger VIP packages!

Entering is simple. Just leave a comment on this post with your worst blog disaster. If you’ve never had a major blog problem (you’re lucky), just tell us why you need this subscription. We’ll leave entries open until Saturday night at midnight Mountain Time.

The two winners will be chosen and sent their free subscriptions on Monday.

Here’s to a very bright future for WP Site Care! Thanks for being with us from day one!

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  1. Kat

    I would like to optimize my site better to make sure that all the “stuff” (plug ins, pictures, etc) are working well together rather than fighting one another and that my site is quick to load.

  2. Gina @ Running to the Kitchen

    The worst (so far) has been dealing with a cache plugin failure and major throttling of my site all in the same day. I think I had about 5 minutes of up time in 24 hours. Fun, fun! In the grand scheme of things, it wasn’t horrific but frustrating in the moment!

  3. Barbara

    I’ve yet to have a disaster likely because I don’t use a lot of plug ins. I would like to win just to have someone look at my site that knows what they are doing and tweak it however they see fit.

  4. Yum Yucky

    The first disaster that comes to mind is when someone hacked my site and plastered all these Google adsense ad over my pages. Hmmm, I wonder who fixed that for me? 😉

    Second thing I learned early on that eventually becomes a disaster is when you don’t pick the right people for the job, meaning the right support people to build your sites, consult and help you through fixes. Ryan, I truly thank you for being fantastic at what you do. You helped me see who the tech-flunkies are and who the true professionals are (that’s you). I wish you a crapload of success with WP Site Care. xo

    Oh, and I wanna win da prize. #thankyoubyebye

  5. Kristine

    Luckily I have averted any major blog disasters (knock on wood). However, I am terrible at coding and rely on WordPress’ amazing plug-ins and support to get me through. I need this subscription because if I were ever to run into a real problem, I’d be in trouble!!!

  6. workout mommy

    my worst disaster was when I tried to update my template. I did something wrong (of course) and then couldn’t un-fix it. Two days and many tears and swear words later, it was working again and I vowed to NEVER TOUCH the template again!

  7. Emmie

    I think the worst has to be where I tried to update a plugin and my entire site got the dreaded database error. I didn’t have a backup and thought I was going to vomit. Thankfully my web host had mercy on me and restored from one of their backups and helped me delete the offending plugin. This was about 3 years ago and with deteriorating service levels with webhosts, I wouldn’t count on that in the future.

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